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Discover the complete product range

We are convinced, that dreams of your own place on Earth need help in making them come true.

DAKO is all about a complete, fully integrated solution: windows and doors made of PVC, wood, aluminium and wood-aluminium, garage doors, as well as external roller shutters to meet the individual character of the building. We also developed a unique concept of the HarmonyLine that will allow you to harmoniously stylize all the joinery elements.

Every day, all over the world…

thousands of people put DAKO products to the most demanding test: the everyday laboratory that is life. Our products are used, among others, by the people of modern and exotic Japan, historic capitals of Europe, the cold far North, as well as the hot regions of South America.

The most reliable and valuable opinions about our products are primarily the growing number of satisfied customers, who have trusted DAKO windows, doors, exterior shutters and garage doors by choosing from the brand's comprehensive offer and making dreams of their own home come true. We are particularly proud of this fact.