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Segmentowe bramy garażowe
Sectional steel garage doors
Segmentowa brama garażowa

Sectional garage doors

Comfortable, aesthetic and durable DAKO sectional garage doors are a universal solution.

  • The construction is based on a system of panels on guide rails and guarantees the optimal clear opening, which allows you to fully use the parking and garage space.
  • Outstanding quality of standard equipment ensuring the highest level of safety
  • Two levels of thermal insulation – depending on the choice of panel thickness (40 mm / 60 mm)
  • Can be equipped with high-quality automation – for even greater comfort of use
  • Four track options adapted to room space
  • Timeless aesthetics of a sectional door panel in three variants of appearance: smooth, ribbed or high-ribbing
  • Possibility to adjust the door design to other joinery elements, including compositions in the HarmonyLine range

Sectional garage doors with a 60 mm thick thermal panel

Sectional garage doors with a panel thickness of 40 mm

High level of thermal insulation for sectional garage doors

It mainly results from the construction of the panel and the appropriate sealing. The panels of sectional steel doors are made of CFC-free polyurethane foam and galvanised steel sheet.

These materials guarantee the durability of the product, while also allowing to reduce heat loss, maintain a constant temperature in a closed garage and ensure thermal insulation at the appropriate level. DAKO's offer includes sectional garage doors with a panel of 40 or 60 mm thickness.

A common problem in small houses is the limited garage space, which, apart from vehicles, is used for storing, for example, garden tools or sports equipment. In this case, the perfect solution for arranging the garage space is to choose a sectional garage door. All thanks to the special segments of the panels that slide along the guide rails up to the ceiling when opening, without taking up any additional space. In addition, thanks to the various track options for the door, the most functional one can be selected for each lintel size, regardless of whether the door is to be installed in a newly built or modernised building.

Segmentowe bramy garażowe

Sectional garage doors have enjoyed unwavering popularity for several years among the solutions available on the market. These comfortable and universal products allow you to fully use the parking space, not only in the garage, but also in the driveway. All thanks to the special segments of the panels that slide along the guide rails up to the ceiling when opening.

The biggest advantage of this solution is the fact that, thanks to the structure based on the system of panels in the guide rails, they allow for optimal light through the doorway, and they do not take up additional space on the driveway. This allows you to fully use the parking space and, which is especially important in case of small houses, to save space. The space saved in this way can be used, for example, to store sports equipment or garden tools. It also happens that our needs are best suited to a garage that can accommodate two cars – of course, we can also make doors for such large dimensions, appropriate for this solution – but it is worth remembering that, in order to be able to use it comfortably, we need significantly more space in the driveway.

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