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Rolowane bramy garażowe
Roller shutter garage doors - an economical and convenient solution for garages with limited space
Brama rolowana

Roller shutter garage doors

Roller shutter doors are a high-quality solution, used in various types of garages, and most often chosen where there is a problem with finding a larger garage space.

  • The perfect solution for small garage areas – thanks to the vertical tracks and the lack of ceiling guide rails for door installation, no additional space is needed
  • Aesthetic box, into which the door leaf is rolled upy
  • High-quality workmanship, the armour and the box are made of tough and durable material – aluminium
  • Rich standard of equipment, including crank handle for emergency opening and safety brake integrated in the drive
  • Colour options – allow you to match the colour of the roller shutter door to other elements of joinery

The DAKO roller shutter garage doors are entirely made of aluminium.

As standard, it is equipped with a box located on the lintel, in which the shaft with the motor is located. The roller shutter door has an 18.5 mm thick armour filled with polyurethane foam.

(1 - Aluminium box, 2 - Armour, 3 - Guide rails, 4 - Bottom strip)

Roller shutter doors control – standard equipment

Silnik SOMFY 

SOMFY motor
strong and durable drive

Korba do awaryjnego otwierania bramy rolowanej

Crank handle
for emergency door opening

Wyłącznik kluczykowy

Key switch
(mounted outside)

Wyłącznik klawiszowy

Key switch
(mounted inside)

Colours of roller shutter garage doors

Basic colours – DPA 77 shutter curtain

White RAL 9010
Grey RAL 7038
Beige RAL 1015
Brown RAL 8019
Anthracite grey - RAL 7016

Additional colours – DPA 77 shutter curtain

Dark wood
Golden oak
Silver - RAL 9006
Black - RAL 9005
Red - RAL 3003
Dark green - RAL 6009
Light green - RAL 6021
White - RAL 9001
Dark blue - RAL 5011
Light brown

The colours presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colours.

Equipment for roller shutter doors

One of the main reasons for the use of a roller shutter doors is the lack of space in a garage for the solution with ceiling guide rails (used, among others, in sectional doors).

The use of vertical tracks and the roller shutter door leaf, wound up to the box, makes the door of this type take up less space than in the case of other solutions. Leaving free space under the ceiling can also be an advantage when the height of the room is of key importance, and the space under the ceiling is arranged in a different way.

The construction and operation of the roller shutter doors is similar to the structure and operation of external roller shutters – the armour of the roller shutter door is wound up to an aesthetic aluminium box.

The roller shutter door box is mounted in the lintel – it can be placed both on the inside and outside of the room. The standard equipment of the roller shutter door includes a tubular motor, while the rich standard of other equipment allows for the addition of accessories, such as photocells, thanks to which any lowering of the door is stopped automatically when an obstacle is detected in the doorway.

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