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Tarasowe drzwi przesuwne HST
HST patio sliding doors

Lift and slide patio doors

Great opportunities to gain more! More space, more light and closer to the nature.

  • Impressive, elegant glazing, optimal natural lighting and the possibility of opening up the house to the patio or garden
  • Optimal thermal parameters, allowing for the use of large glazing without thermal losses
  • High functionality of HST sliding patio doors, due to the possibility of the doorstep flushed with the floor, as well as efficient operating mechanism, allowing for comfortable opening and closing of the doors
  • Thanks to the practical opening by sliding in line, the system saves additional interior space - sliding horizontally allows the movable sash to open fully.


PVC lift and slide patio doors

lift and slide patio doors made of aluminium

lift and slide patio doors made of solid wood

Drzwi tarasowe HST

Low doorstep

Thanks to being flush with the floor and patio, the low doorstep design makes it much easier to move between the house's interior and the patio or garden. Aligning the doorstep with the interior floor level eliminates an obstacle, providing maximum convenience of use.

Lightweight operating system

The solution enables comfortable use of the doors, guaranteeing convenient opening and closing, even with large dimensions. The door works on the basis of an innovative lift-and-slide opening system, that gently lifts the sash moving on special rollers. This makes sliding the HST patio door effortless.

Outstanding aesthetics of HST lift and slide patio doors

Care for the highest quality of materials and precision of workmanship make HST patio doors a unique and premium product. The space obtained by using large glazing and patio doors' elegance guarantees a beautiful appearance of the interior. The system allows for extensive glazing, which maximally illuminates the interior, giving it a spacious and stylish character.

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