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Wood-aluminium windows - the beauty of wood on the inside of the house with a modern, aluminium form on the outside

Wood-aluminium windows

The combination of natural wood and modern aluminium, resulting in extremely durable joinery with a classic and elegant appearance, providing the interior with a warm and cosy atmosphere.

For the production of wood-aluminium windows, we use carefully selected wood that meets the highest quality standards. The aluminium profile protects the wood frame from the facade and protects the windows from weather' harmful effects, thus ensuring their longevity. Wood and aluminium windows are resistant to mechanical damage, as well as protect your home from break-ins.

Thermal efficiency
Profile name:
Installation depth:
Number of chambers:
Thermal break:
Number of seals:
Glazing package:
Ug value:
Package thickness:
Anti-Theft protection:
Handle model:
Maximum window width – single sash:
Maximum window height – single sash:
Maximum window width – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum window height – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, maximum area of 7 m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Wooden-aluminium windows with 8 different finishes

Classic 68 mm profile finish with aluminium outer cap

Classic 78 mm profile finish with aluminium outer cap

Classic 92 mm profile finish with aluminium outer cap

Wood-aluminium windows from DAKO

Thanks to its functionality, durable construction and beautiful design, this premium product range will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Choosing wood-aluminium windows, you have the option of finishing external window frames in any colour from the RAL palette or wood-like colours. Additionally, the use of aluminium affects the ease of care of windows, so they do not require special maintenance.

  • the best quality thanks to a combination of carefully selected wood and the use of premium aluminium profiles
  • excellent thermal insulation parameters
  • better protection against adverse weather conditions
  • many possibilities of designing the look of your windows

Windows combining wood and aluminium are available in several systems and different profile thicknesses: the premium DDA-78 model, which is a durable combination of the highest-quality natural material and durable aluminium, as well as models with an aluminium overlay: DDF-68 AL, DDF-78 AL and DDF-92 AL.