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Wooden windows - the essence of wood captured in the highest quality joinery

Wooden windows

Wood has been used in construction for centuries. It is an energy-efficient and durable material: it guarantees the longevity of products made from it and ensures their high quality, which will be enjoyed by many generations. DAKO offers several style variants: the DDF range has a classic, simple finish, while the DDR product range has a rustic, stylish look.

Beautiful, traditional wooden windows of excellent quality, guaranteed by a combination of technology, precision and experience. They are distinguished by the ecological material, from which they are made, and their unique design, achieved through a detailed finish. The manual precision of sanding and varnishing, as well as quality control at every stage of production, makes the surface of DAKO wooden windows flawless. It highlights the wood's natural beauty, while ensuring its long-term protection.

Thermal efficiency
Profile name:
Installation depth:
Number of chambers:
Thermal break:
Number of seals:
Glazing package:
Ug value:
Package thickness:
Anti-Theft protection:
Handle model:
Maximum window width – single sash:
Maximum window height – single sash:
Maximum window width – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum window height – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, maximum area of 7 m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Classic 68 mm profile finish

Rustic finish: 68 mm profile

Classic 78 mm profile finish

Rustic finish: 78 mm profile

Classic 92 mm profile finish

Rustic finish, 92 mm profile

DAKO wooden window joinery

When looking for a solution that will work best for our investment, it is worth considering three issues that significantly affect the looks, properties and cost of joinery.

  • Durability and properties vs. species of wood – while creating joinery, we carefully selected species of wood, thus offering our customers materials and products of the highest quality. Wood, which forms the basis of the structure, also affects its final appearance in terms of colour saturation or grain. DAKO offers pine, meranti, spruce wood with covering or azure varnish finishes.
  • Window appearance – profile shape. The appearance and character of a wooden window is primarily determined by the form of profile finishing and the shape or milling of the glazing slats. We offer several style variants: the DDF range with a classic, simple finish, and the DDR product range with a rustic, stylish look. A modern and extremely durable combination of wood and aluminium in two variants: the DDA range of windows (permanently combining wood and aluminium elements in the profile structure) and the DDF-AL range (profile with aluminium cover).
  • Performance and price – profile thickness. The width of the profile, from which the joinery is made, has a significant impact on the properties of the entire window and the parameters it offers in terms of thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. The thickness of the profile also determines the amount of material needed for its production, which significantly affects the product's final price. Our offer includes joinery in three variants of profile thickness: 68 mm, 78 mm and 92 mm.

The wood used for the production of our wooden joinery is high-quality pine, meranti or spruce timber.

Carefully selected material undergoes an advanced technological process in an innovative machine park, under the supervision of qualified specialists with years of experience. DAKO wooden windows are triple-coated with innovative PowerFeed technology, which ensures maximum wood protection and brings out the aesthetic qualities of the natural material. For the sake of the finished products' extraordinary aesthetics, the finishing of wooden windows includes manual detailing, necessary to expose the wood's natural beauty.

What does the process of joinery production look like?

It is very interesting! Check how DAKO wooden windows are made – step by step.

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