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Rolety zewnętrzne okienne
Exterior roller shutters from DAKO
Rolety zewnętrzne do domu

Exterior Roller Shutters

Covers of this type are used in detached houses and flats.

Among the range of advantages of exterior window covers, customers most often pay attention to their impact on saving energy used to heat the house, and thus reduce maintenance costs.
Before making a final decision, it is important to identify and choose the right roller shutter model. Installation of some models is only possible at a specific stage of construction and requires consideration in the design of the building. We offer several types of roller shutters.
Installation from the outside of the window under the façade surface
installation directly on the window, 2 forms of the box to choose from
Installation without interference with the building structure, 3 box shapes to choose from
Installation on the outside of the building, 2 types of installation and appearance of the blinds
Rolety okienne

Having exterior roller shutters has many benefits:

  • Energy efficiency and thermal insulation of the building prevent excessive sunlight exposure in the rooms in the summer, while in winter contribute to significant savings of heat energy and, consequently, reduce energy bills.
  • Protection of windows from sun, wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions. A closed roller shutter will reduce colour fading, which is significant for joinery mounted in places of intense sunlight.
  • Increased sound insulation and a noticeable reduction in noise levels in rooms with closed shutters
  • An increase of burglar-proof qualities and the sense of security of the household - roller shutters, even those without a burglar-proof classification, will definitely make it difficult to force the window
  • Possibility to adjust room lighting according to current needs
  • Guarantee of full privacy and protection from prying eyes of neighbours
Zewnętrzne osłony okienne

How to choose the right outdoor roller shutters system?

One of the important factors determining the choice of the best roller shutter system for our home is the stage, at which exterior roller shutters are installed. The comfort of residents can be considered at the design stage of a building. Installation of top-mounted or flush-mounted roller shutters should be planned during the design stage of the house or should be decided before ordering windows at the latest. This allows you to plan the appropriate dimensions of window niches and improves subsequent installation work. Installation of exterior roller shutters is also possible in existing buildings, like during their modernization or replacement of open joinery. Then the flush-mounted roller shutters are the perfect solution. Their simple construction and installation directly into the window frame greatly accelerate the project.

The second important element is installing the roller shutter box. Depending on the system, it can be located on the side of the façade or in the window opening. It is also possible to mount the roller shutter box on the outside of the window, under the façade's surface, so that this element becomes invisible.

The decision of where the roller shutters will be installed also determines the third important factor that should be taken into account when choosing a roller shutter system for your home. This is the location of the inspection flap used for maintenance and servicing of the roller shutters in case of possible damage. The inspection flap can be located on the outside of the building, or inside, on the rooms' side. The advantage of the location on the façade's side is having easy access to it, with the ability to carry out the necessary repairs without disturbing the peace of people staying in the building.

Rolety zewnętrzne okienne DAKO

Outdoor roller shutters - comfort thanks to automation

Exterior roller shutters can be managed in two ways. One of them is controlled with manual retractors (chosen less and less often), the other is a remote control, using roller shutters equipped with various types of drives.

The continually growing range of automation available for roller shutters has significantly contributed to its increased popularization. When installing our exterior roller shutters, the majority of customers choose to equip them with a drive that adds the comfort and convenience of remote control.

Drives are not only a way to make the use of exterior shutters easier. Thanks to a wide range of electronic motors, we can program the opening and closing times, so that during low temperatures, we can use sunlight as efficiently as possible and, by closing the shutters, increase the thermal insulation of our flats. If we use air conditioning, roller shutters in the summer will help us reduce electricity bills by blocking the sun rays at the time of their greatest intensity.Modern motors for roller shutters can also be controlled by radio, making it possible to integrate them into the increasingly popular smart home management systems.

See more:

  • Mosquito netsexterior roller shutters offered by DAKO allow the use of mosquito nets rolled into the roller shutter box. Its operation takes place independently of the roller shutters
  • Smart home the inclusion of exterior roller shutters in the smart home system allows you to manage and control their settings. It also allows you to program scenarios for opening and closing them on specific days and times.
  • The HarmonyLine the appearance of exterior roller shutters can be adapted to the individual character of the building within the framework of the idea of joint design of windows, doors, gates and roller shutters.
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