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Top-mounted roller shutters - proven choice already at the building design stage

Top-mounted exterior roller shutters

Installation of exterior roller shutters in the top-mounted system is best taken into account already at the stage of planning and design of the building – why?

  • The top-mounted system, depending on the version, allows to use a neat variant of complete housing of the roller shutter box or leave the box without housing and complete it with veneer, available in a wide range of colours
  • In roller shutters with PVC box, two variants of the box shape are available: in DK-RNB, the box is rectangular, while in DK-RNC, the box is rounded
  • With roller shutters, the box's inspection flap is located inside the building, which allows for non-invasive maintenance and servicing. With the roller shutters with EPS boxes, there is also an optional inspection flap from the outside, which increases thermal insulation
  • The top-mounted system allows you to integrate the shutters with the mosquito net rolled into the roller shutter box. You can independently use the advantages of exterior shutters and take care of protecting the house from troublesome insects

PVC box roller shutters systems available in two shapes

Top-mounted roller shutter system in an insulated Styrofoam box

Installation of top-mounted roller shutters in two stages

First, the roller shutters are mounted directly to the window, and then a set is installed in the window opening.

Due to the specific design of top-mounted roller shutters, it is also possible to assemble them in existing buildings. However, when replacing the window joinery, the height of the windows should be reduced by the size corresponding to the appropriate roller shutter box.

Due to the material that the roller shutter box is made of, the inspection flap's location is different, which allows different variants of finishing the façade.

The DK-RNB top-mounted roller shutter box can be housed completely, so it will not be visible. It is also possible to use partial housing or leave the box without a housing, like in the DK-RNC roller shutters, and finish the roller shutters with a wide palette of veneers. In both types of roller shutters in the PVC box, inspection flap is located inside. In contrast, the two types of roller shutters in the EPS warm box, there are two variants of the inspection flap location: exterior or interior.

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