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Top-mounted roller shutters in a PVC Box

Aesthetic and modern solution for new buildings

Top-mounted roller shutters with a box made of high-quality PVC are available in two versions of the system, characterized by a different box shape. Depending on climatic conditions, the system provides inserts made of Styrofoam or neopor.

The solution recommended in countries with moderate climate are neopor inserts. Neopor is a material made of modern insulating materials with graphite, which absorbs and reflects heat radiation. As a result, it significantly improves the insulation properties comparing to Styrofoam (even by 20%). DK-RNB roller shutter box can be housed completely, so it would not be visible at all. It is also possible to use partial housing or leave the box without a housing (like with DK-RNC roller shutters) and finish the roller shutters with a wide palette of veneers. On request, the shutters can also be equipped with a mosquito net, that is built into the roller shutter box.


in the window opening

Inspection flap



during construction/renovation



Integration with mosquito net


1 - Roller blind box | 2 - Winding pipe | 3 - Armour | 4 - Inspection flap | 5 - Bottom rail | 6 - Guide rail | 7 - Adaptive profile | 8 - Insulation

  • Exterior roller shutters armour is available in the perforated and full version
  • As standard, the shutters are made of armour in perforated version, and the first six upper profiles are made in full version to limit the penetration of light as a result of inaccurate closing of the blind
  • DPA 39 armour – max. area 6 m2, max. width – 2900 mm
  • DPA 43 armour – max. area 8 m2, max. width – 3200 mm


01 – Silver

02 – White

03 – Grey

04 – Dark beige*

05 – Beige

08 – Dark brown

09 – Brown

15 – Creamy white

16 – Ivory

23 – Grey anthracite

31 – Light grey


* colours for DPA 39 armour only
The colour sample is illustrative and cannot be used as a colour reference.


DAKO exterior roller shutters & Smart Home

DAKO's automatically controlled exterior shutters can be integrated into Smart Home management systems and controlled via the internet from anywhere on Earth!