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PAS tilt and slide patio doors

Convenient ventilation of rooms by means of a movable sash

PVC tilt and slide patio doors are a functional solution with a slot ventilation system that allows the sash to be 6 mm from the frame along its entire perimeter.

The system has a better-quality burglar-proof fitting, which is important especially during ventilation. The small size of the ventilation slot allows for efficient ventilation, even during adverse weather conditions, such as rainfall or strong wind.

Max. sash weight

160 kg

Max. door height

2.48 m

Max. door width

4 m

Max. sash size

3.37 m2

PAS patio doors are available in the following ranges:

  • DPP-70
  • DPQ-76
  • DPQ-82
  • DPQ-82 thermoSecure
  • DPQ-82AL
  • DPQ-82 thermoSecure AL



Basic colours
Golden oak 2178001
Nut 2178007
Mahogany 2065021
Winchester 49240
Swamp oak 2052089
Anthracite 701605
Sheffield Oak F4563081

The colours presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colours.