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Realisation by DAKO: Renovation of a traditional Corsican house.

Renovating a house is a major design challenge. While during the construction of a new building we can afford to create the space of our dreams without restrictions, during a renovation, we have to take into account many aspects that may limit us to some extent. Even greater constraints are associated with the renovation of classic houses, whose external appearance is defined by the surrounding buildings and the history of the place. The owners of a small house in the picturesque landscape of Corsica faced the problem of choosing modern window joinery that would be in harmony with the traditional design. Its solution was the choice of DAKO – DPP-70 joinery from the R65 series, which was created for renovation.

  • A characteristic feature of the DPP-70R65 windows, which the property owners decided to use, is that they can be installed in window openings where there were previously traditional wooden windows that needed to be replaced. They also provide optimal insulation, combined with the possibility of micro-ventilation.
  • To provide additional ventilation with the Mediterranean air, the homeowners opted for additional window ventilators, mounted at the top of the window sash. They are almost invisible and their design ensures that the airflow is fully adjustable.
  • From the stylish living room and guest rooms, residents have the opportunity to access the garden. The owners chose single and double DPP-70 balcony windows with an aluminium threshold. This solution is extremely durable and provides unrestricted passage. To replace the large glazing that could have been achieved with sliding patio doors, a combination of balcony windows and fixed glazing was chosen.
  • The fixed glazing also serves as light in the built-in cloister, where the owners have created a “summer” office where office work is a great pleasure.
  • The rest part of the house and the private part are separated by a profiled DAKO door with glazing – DPP-70R35. Renovation doors can be used in places where it is not possible to install standard solutions. Excellent noise attenuation guarantees peace and quiet for residents who want to relax in their rooms.
  • All the joinery was done in a light grey colour. This choice of colouring makes it blend in perfectly with the building's façade.


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