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PVC functionality in an elegant display

PVC panel overlay doors

A modern proposition for customers, who value comfort combined with elegant design.

The single-sided door structure is characterised by a uniform sash plane from the outside, which gives the door an extremely impressive and elegant character. DAKO panel overlay doors made of PVC provide safety, optimum thermal insulation and protection against atmospheric factors. Their high class is evidenced by their comfortable and trouble-free use, making DAKO doors become a timeless feature of the house.

Find the perfect PVC overlay door from DAKO's extensive range of entry doors:

Construction and Colours

DPQ-82 AL door construction

1 - 3-glazed package, safe on both sides
2 - Aluminium panel
3 - Inox application
4 - Thermal insulation
5 - Decoration
6 - 7-chamber profile
7 - Aluminium doorstep 20 mm
8 - Widening for a low doorstep. Conical to sink in the floor to a depth of 30 mm (increases the height by 30 mm).

system with thermal parameter of Ud=0.81 W/m2K 1
7-chamber profile
aluminium doorstep with 20 mm high thermal plate
65 mm thick panel filled with polyurethane foam
2-chamber double-sided safety glass 33.1/18/4/18/33.1 Ug=0.5 W/m2K

1 Test result of a door with a standard dimension of 1100x2105 certified by a laboratory.


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