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DA-GlassBarrier external railing

Safety of aluminium balcony windows

DA-GlassBarrier External railing

Modern protection for French windows, so high windows reaching from floor to ceiling, the so-called French balcony. By combining the classic railing form with a minimalist design using glass and aluminium, it guarantees functionality, safety and exceptional aesthetics.

Transparent, almost invisible glass that looks good on the building façade while providing an effective barrier against falling out. The glass panes are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of safety and durability. An additional advantage of the glass construction of the DA-GlassBarrier railing is the reduction of noise coming from outside into the building. At the same time, the transparent glass does not restrict views and access to sunlight.

Basic technical information:

  • Railing fixed directly to window profiles
  • ESG VSG glass types: 44.2, 66.2, 88.2, 1010.2
  • Protection of the glass upper edge with a strip made of aluminium or stainless steel
  • Can be fitted in single and double-sash window structures
  • Used in single-family, residential and public buildings


DA-GlassBarrier railing – types of glass installation

TYP U (standard)

TYP H (optional)

Railing frame colours

The full range of RAL colours is available in the colour chart.

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