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DAKO technology park

Explore the way to DAKO quality

Find out about the process aimed at creating products that meet even the highest expectations of customers.

Production takes place in an innovative technology park with an area of over 33,800 m2

DAKO premium window joinery offers advanced technological solutions that tilt, turn or slide and are made of PVC, wood or aluminium and combinations of these materials. All based on components from leading European suppliers.

Check our production lines

Production line - PVC

Linia produkcyjna - stolarka PVC

Production line - Wood

Linia produkcyjna - stolarka drewniana

Production line - Aluminium

Production line - Garage Doors

Linia produkcyjna - bramy garażowe

Production line - External Roller Shutters

Linia produkcyjna - rolety zewnętrzne

Production line - Window Dressings

The finishing quality of aluminium profiles is guaranteed by the powder coating station with two chambers designed for painting the profiles, a profile edge bander that works on the basis of hot-melt adhesive technology and a professional testing laboratory.

Malarnia proszkowa

Powder coating

Laboratorium badawcze



Profile edge