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HarmonyLine: EUNIKA in anthracite color

Windows Doors Garage doors Mosquito nets
dark gray
PVC aluminium

DAKO Implementation: Joinery for special tasks – noise protection

When building a house we are usually aware of the neighborhood that will surround us. Sometimes, however, years later, a large manufacturing plant, a karting track, or some other place that generates noise is built in the area.

The owners of this single-family home consciously chose a plot near an airport. The solution to the excessive noise problem was to use windows with very good sound insulation parameters.

  • Vinyl windows from the DPQ-76 series have been installed throughout the house. They are characterized by increased noise protection. Additional protection is provided by special sound-absorbing glass packages.
  • Plenty of natural sunlight in the dining room is due to the corner fixed glazing. In the rest of the windows, a tilt and turn system was used.
  • A door mosquito net installed in the balcony door is a great protection against insects
  • Referring to the styling of windows, Eunika the aluminum overlay door model is a combination of milled panels, matte handle of brushed stainless steel and rectangular glazing.
  • The Eunika HarmonyLine composition is complemented by a sectional garage door with a 60mm thick panel. It guarantees very good thermal and sound insulation parameters.
  • Joinery color - anthracite in combination with stainless steel create a toned composition, which perfectly fits into the light body of the house.