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Italian villa: Classic Solutions with a Modern Twist

"The owners chose DAKO joinery for their home located in an exceptionally picturesque area. The building is surrounded by gardens and some of the windows overlook the mountains.
 The project uses high-quality tilt and turn windows, as well as terrace sliding doors. The terrace doors used had an effect on the glazing, enlarging the interior. The increased glazed area will provide investors with greater access to natural sunlight, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance. This solution has excellent performance parameters, guaranteeing not only a high level of thermal, but also acoustic insulation. It is the perfect solution to enjoy such beautiful views.
 The villa was built and arranged in line with the latest architectural trends. The design shows inspiration from classic solutions, that have been adapted to the current conditions, such as wooden parquet floors, a slightly sloping wooden ceiling or a fireplace. The spacious interiors are characterised by an innovative, yet cosy interior."