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How to buy windows and doors?

Choice of products

  • Think about the needs of your home and the expectations of its residents.
  • Use the advice and information on the website or get help from an advisor in the shop.
  • To prepare the offer, we will need a list of windows and their specifications (number and size). We can use a dimensioned project or dimensions provided by you.

Quick valuation and measurement verification

  • Based on your information and our arrangements, we will prepare a preliminary product and assembly valuation (the valuation is always free).
  • You don't have to leave your home, you can also get a calculation online.
  • If you decide to buy DAKO windows, we will arrange measurement on site.

Transparent contract and payment

  • We will confirm the order and assembly arrangements by signing a simple contract or order. After payment, the order is sent to the production department.

Time of production

  • The order is sent to the production department at the DAKO factory. We produce custom windows for you, according to the specifications included in the order.
  • The average production time for a simple order is approximately 4-6 weeks. It may take more time to complete an order with unusual colours or non-standard dimensions).
  • Every individual order date is confirmed by our sales department.

Delivery and Assembly

  • When the windows are ready, we deliver them according to the agreed time, while the assembly is carried out on the agreed date.
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