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Individual Window Selection

No two houses are the same and each room has its own specificity. The DAKO Window Factory is the first in Poland to present a comprehensive Individual Window Selection system, which allows customers to pick out windows individually.

Each house is different.

When using the Individual Window Selection in a building, we consider the most critical factors that can influence the selection of optimal technological solutions for each room. The most important of them are the floor, insolation, location of noise sources and room type.

According to police statistics, one-story windows and balconies are much more vulnerable to break-ins than windows or doors on higher floors. Another thing to consider is that windows located on higher floors expose the youngest residents to the risk of accidentally falling out.

Properly selected window fittings and accessories help minimise these risks, improving the safety of all residents.

Depending on the façade, the windows are exposed to more or less sun. This translates directly into the amount of light and UV radiation entering the rooms and how much they heat up. As a result, less sunny rooms require additional heating and additional artificial light, while rooms that get more sunlight may be very uncomfortable in the summer.

The solution to problems with insolation is the installation of a glass that regulates the amount of light reaching the interior.

The noise caused by busy streets and other sources can significantly reduce the comfort of living in a dream home. It has a negative effect on the quality of sleep and affects our general well-being. In façades exposed to acoustic waves, windows are the weakest link that transmits sounds to the interior.

Thanks to the use of acoustic glass, the noise entering the interior is reduced and the comfort of residents is improved.

Each room has its own specificity, resulting from its function. We expect the bedroom to have a perfect microclimate during rest, and the children's room should be free from any threats. The living room is a representative place, where aesthetics plays a key role, and the bathroom and kitchen are extremely exposed to moisture.

The precise adjustment of the window allows you to fully meet the expectations of a specific room and eliminates typical unfavourable phenomena.

Check sample configurations for Individual Window Selection.

Maximum security

  • Protection against falling out
  • Cut protection
1st floor
Children's room

In the fitting used, the rotation of the handle causes the sash to be tilted, and not opened. In order to fully open the window, the handle must be set in a vertical position.

An additional security feature is a handle with a key: only the tilt function of the sash works in the locked window.

The internal glass of the warm composite unit protects against injury in case of breakage.

Peace and quiet

  • Effective collection of solar heat
  • Natural lighting
Ground floor

The slot ventilation system used in the window allows you to safely and comfortably eliminate moisture coming from the kitchen

The used fittings maintain an increased burglar-proof protection class during ventilation. Ventilation does not require opening or tilting the window, which results in letting noise into the interior.

Protection against nuisance ambient sounds is provided by an acoustic glass with a high P4 burglar-proof protection class.

Unique class and elegance


Bet on Individual Window Selection

  • Unique aesthetics
  • Increased security
Ground floor
Living room

The window uses innovative fittings with invisible hinges, ensuring unique interior aesthetics.

For greater security, the fittings have been enriched with additional burglar-proof catches. The glass in the package has a high P4 burglar-proof protection class.

The used glazing unit filters high-energy fractions of solar and UV radiation.

Comfortable and healthy sleep

  • Quiet and energy-saving ventilation
  • Obtaining natural heat and light
1st floor

The window has a slot ventilation system that allows you to quietly and economically ventilate the room. This is especially important in the bedroom, where the possibility of providing a proper microclimate is a factor influencing the quality of sleep.

The glass used allows the use of solar energy and allows for much more light to pass through. It is of great importance in the case of northern exposure, which is characterised by less lighting.