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We are celebrating 25th birthday of DAKO!

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2019 is a unique year for us! We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of DAKO and the international success of the brand achieved at that time.

The DAKO brand,existing since 1994, is currently the leader on the Polish woodwork market. What is more, over half of the brand's products is distributed to foreign markets, enjoying recognition of customers from all over the world. Our history is an example of a Polish company having decided to support its pillars on high quality, which has become a basis for our international success and to this day remains one of our hallmarks. We value the distance which we have gone: we remember the times of the first production hall, first orders and plans. Despite the passage of time, we are still pursuing the same goal: Polish windows of high quality in houses all over the world. The company's development over the last 25 years has been enormous, which is perfectly reflected by comparison of several aspects of its activity:


  • PRODUCTION: The first production hall had a surface area of 600m2, while the current space is over 26 000 m2.
  • EMPLOYMENT: During the first few years, we had a few employees working in one room, now DAKO employs almost 700 people in various positions – and this number is still growing.
  • FOREIGN MARKETS: in 2003, there was only few-percent share of export in sales, today over half of our total production is sent to foreign markets.


The official culmination of the celebration of DAKO's 25th birthday was the Jubilee Gala, which took place on 13 September 2019 in Krakow. Together with guests from different countries – our Business Partners, Suppliers, Employees and Family – we celebrated the success of DAKO during a special event. The impressive multimedia presentation showed the history of the brand and the star of the evening, Kayah, gave her musical show. Of course, there was also a birthday cake, lots of warm wishes and dances until dawn.

It was a special evening for us, we are glad to have spent it with friends! Thank you all for coming, warm words and great fun. It is a great honour for us to celebrate our 25th birthday in such a wonderful company.



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