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DA-Skyline sliding doors with concealed frame

Panoramic view without limits on the basis of the innovative DA-Skyline system

Sliding doors
DA-Skyline with concealed frame

The sliding door system with concealed frame is an innovative solution based on narrow profiles, thanks to which structures gain a modern and minimalist look - projects using them acquire a unique character.

  • Spectacular design
    Innovative technology, allowing to hide the frame in walls, floor and ceiling, allows obtaining impressive panoramic glazing, while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters of the structure.

  • Spectacular, large glazing
    The system makes it possible to construct sliding doors of impressive dimensions: up to 12 m wide and 4 m high! Despite the large size of the door, its slim design gives the impression of being light and delicate


from 0.85 W/(m2K)

Visible sash joint width

25 mm

Max. sash weight

750 kg

Max. door height

4 m

Max. door width

12 m

Max. sash size

6.5 m2

Unlimited view

DA-Skyline patio doors offer exceptional style and excellent investment. The sliding system provides a comfortable, non-threshold passage from the house to the patio and a perfect connection between the building's interior and surroundings.

The doors' slender design gives the impression of being light and delicate, which gives the structures a modern and minimalist look, while the whole is almost a uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, perfectly blending in with luxury buildings.

Functionality and aesthetics

Modern design and high aesthetics guaranteed by an innovative construction and assembly system: frame concealed in walls, floor and ceiling, leaves completely flush with the frame profile on the sides, visible width of the door sash connection is only 25 mm

The system offers the possibility to open the doors manually or automatically (drives and control panels concealed in the frame profiles or the use of an automatic device mounted outside the structure) and no restrictions on the width of the structure - the doors can be connected and form a single glazing unit

Colours of sliding doors with concealed frame

The full range of RAL colours is available in the colour chart

RAL 9016 White
Silver - RAL 9006
RAL 8019
RAL palette color

The colours presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colours.