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Contemporary one-story house

"The house was designed with three people in mind - a married couple with a school-age son. Windows and doors had to match the modern look of the architecturally designed house and its interior - simple, yet elegant furniture, wooden floors, open spaces.
 The customers particularly wanted the frames to have good thermal parameters, to also be adapted to the design and purpose of individual rooms and - at the same time - to give a consistent aesthetic look."

The owners chose PVC windows with dark-grey silk veneer. The windows (including the balcony) and patio doors have external roller shutters. They improve the level of thermal insulation, make it difficult to break in (which is important in case of a one-story house) and provide complete darkness in rooms - which is especially important, for example, in a bedroom.

When it comes to exterior doors, customers chose a modern aluminium entrance door called NOEL. The grey doors were matched to the colour of the windows and are additionally equipped with a sidelight illuminating the vestibule space behind the door, as well as an unusual wooden handrail.

The investors wanted to maintain a consistent look of all joinery elements - so they placed a comprehensive order, including not only windows and doors, but also a segmented garage door with simple detailing, in exactly the same colour as the other joinery elements.