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Contrasting black and white colours in a house with shutters

Windows Doors Roller shutters Mosquito nets Patio doors

Implementation by DAKO | Modern house with black joinery and exterior shutters

Implementation: DAKO’S Trade Partner - EPATECH Terneuzen 

Constructing a frame house has numerous benefits. The most important ones are undoubtedly the construction speed itself, with the possibility to conduct it in any conditions, and the lower overall cost of investment when compared to traditional construction. These aspects had convinced the owners of this detached house in the Netherlands to choose this method of constructing it. 
Frame houses are also characterized by very efficient thermal insulation of walls. Therefore, in order to preserve the optimal thermal properties of the whole structure it is worth choosing joinery with high thermal insulation parameters. In this case, the investors decided to use a DA-77 series aluminium fixtures with a low thermal penetration coefficient. 

  • The symmetrical design of glazings connecting both levels of the house underlines the simple body of the building. DA-77 series windows installed throughout the building provide good insulation. In addition, the owners decided to use SUNCOOL windowpanes, which protect against excessive penetration of sunrays into the building, reducing the heating of the rooms. 
  • Exterior shutters provide additional sun protection. Aluminium louvres cause the body of the building to look light and modern, while their complete adjustability provides control over the amount of sunlight entering the interior.
  • When choosing the garden patio door, the owners opted for an exceptionally modern and eye-catching solution – the accordion door. The way of operating such a door is completely different when compared to other sliding doors – the door leaves fold towards the side edge, ensuring the maximal clearance for passage. The even segmentation of all door sections also fits perfectly with the building design based on symmetry.
  • The garden entrance leading from the guest room on the ground floor is ensured by a single-leaf balcony door, additionally fitted with mosquito nets. Such a solution makes it possible to enjoy fresh outdoor air without worrying about insects flying inside. The proper ventilation, which also plays a role in adjusting the room temperature, is also supported by frame-fitted Tunal vent strips. These vent strips installed between the sealed glazing units and leaf frame are completely hidden from sight when looking from the outside. Their main advantage is also good acoustic insulation, rendering the house interior quiet and comfortable. 
  • The external door is the joinery element adding character to the façade of every building. The comfort and safety of inhabitants depend on its thermal and acoustic insulation, and burglary protection parameters. The owners of this real estate have opted for aluminium DA-77N face plate door, NOEL model with sidelight. Smooth leaf surface on the outside with delicate horizontal embossed elements and long vertical handrail underlines the modern style of the whole building. The sidelight, in addition to the visual effect of widening the door to meet the width of the window above, also serves as additional lighting for the foyer. 
  • The owners decided on DA-77 series profile door with glazing fitted with a stainless steel vertical handrail as their second entrance door. 
  • All joinery elements: windows, patio door, and entrance doors were prepared in a black matte colour contrasting with the white façade.
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