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Okna DA-77

Aluminium windows: DA-77 range

Great possibilities in three system variants: standard, with hidden sash and fire protection.


DA-77 range of thermally-efficient and durable windows

A system rich in options, designed for the implementation of demanding, modern projects, including large glazing.

The options of using a concealed sash or corner windows allow for a consistent appearance of all window types in the building facade and guarantee exceptional design. Expanded maximum dimensions, modern design and the availability of a concealed sash system make this DA-77 window range a frequent selection for builders. A four-chamber profile with thermal breaks guarantees top thermal insulation, which meets the construction code requirements. The system allows for special glazing, offering energy efficiency, soundproofing or burglar-proofing.


1,0 W/m2K

Installation depth

Sash: 86 mm | Frame: 77 mm

Glazing package

4/18/4/18/4, black warm edge spacer bar



Ug value

0,5 W/m2K

Package thickness

from 21 to 67 mm


The full range of RAL colours is available in the colour chart

Basic colours

RAL 9016 White
Silver - RAL 9006
RAL 8019
RAL palette color

The colours presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colours.

Corner windows manufactured in the DA-77 system are primarily products used in modern buildings, where the visual effect meets the expectations of current architectural designs.

The shape of the building acquires a light and very modern character. In addition to their visual appeal, those windows provide free access of light to the buildings, in which they are installed. The glass surface is larger, allowing up to 20% more sunlight to enter the interior (depending on the size of the window).

What sets the DA-77 EI range apart in the fire safety standard?

The construction is based on the DA-77 system, thanks to which it is characterised by high thermal and sound insulation, as well as water and air tightness. Therefore, the DA-77 EI system combines the advantages of a classic window system with the properties of fireproof partitions.

The buildings meet all the requirements of current regulations and standards, especially those concerning energy savings and environmental protection, while ensuring adequate fire safety. The system is classified as non-fire spreading (NRO). What sets the DA-77 EI range apart in the fire safety standard?

  • Profiles with a three-chamber construction, where the central part is the insulation chamber between the thermal breaks with a width of 43 or 42 mm
  • Fire insulation elements in the internal chambers of aluminium sections and special accessories and materials functioning in the space between the aluminium sections and the glass
  • A wide range of glass thicknesses allows the use of various types of insulating glass units, including two-chamber sets
  • Fittings used in DA-77 EI are standard burglar-proof RC2 class




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