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Office building in the industrial style

Realisation by DAKO: Office building in the industrial style

DAKO window and door joinery goes not only under the roofs of single-family houses and apartments. It is also successfully used in public areas and office buildings. It proves its worth wherever modern solutions and high safety parameters are required.

In our next realisation - an office building in Stary Sącz - the external and internal doors, windows, fixed glazing and fire doors are installed. The interiors of the building have been designed in an industrial style, therefore the investors have chosen DAKO products, which perfectly match this style.

  • At the front of the building, a large corner fixed glazing with a characteristic shape was designed. On both its sides the DA-70 double-leaf entrance doors with the stainless steel handles have been used.
  • On the ground floor, at the rear of the building, the investor opted for DA-70 aluminium fixed glazing.
  • Three types of windows are used: tilt and turn (in the offices), tilt (in the social areas) and fixed glazing.
  • From the hall on the first floor, you can access the terrace. In this place, a double-leaf door, connected to the floodlights is used. Such large glazing allows plenty of natural sunlight into the room, which improves the working comfort and reduces the electricity consumption.
  • It is not advisable to install glazing on external doors to technical rooms such as boiler rooms. Therefore, the leaf frame is filled with a 42 mm thick panel which has very good thermal insulation parameters.
  • Between the office and production areas of the building and in the boiler room, a special EI30-rated fire door made of aluminium is used. It means that the door prevents the entry of flames and restricts the flow of heat energy for 30 minutes, giving time for evacuation.
  • As entrance doors to the individual office rooms, the investor chose DA-45 double-leaf doors with a 22 mm thick panel infill.
  • All joinery is in anthracite grey. In combination with the stainless steel of the handrails and the austerity of the aluminium, it interacts perfectly and completes the modern character of the building.