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The values of DAKO products

We care for the warmth in your home

Why is thermal insulation so important?



Tight windows allow you to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the building and thus reduce your bills



Warm interiors provide comfort for the home's occupants and make it even more pleasant to stay in.



Lower energy consumption is not only beneficial to our wallet but also to the planet's ecosystem.

Windows, an entrance door and garage door make for a warm home.

Check out the trio that will ensure the proper thermal insulation of your home:

  • The DPQ-82 thermoSecure window range uses the latest technological solutions, including ECLAZ pane and unique thermal insulation inserts
  • Sectional garage doors with a thicker than the standard DK-GP Thermo panel eliminate unnecessary heat losses
  • Aluminium overlay doors in the DA-90 Thermo system, equipped with a thermal insulation insert in the leaf and a thermal break in the threshold


The thermal insulation coefficient is determined as (W/m2K). The lower the value of this coefficient, the better the thermal insulation.

Proper installation guarantees complete thermal insulation of your windows, so listen to the advice of consultants who know their profession.

We help to ensure the comfort of SILENCE.

What is the right sound insulation?



In the privacy of our own home, we want to freely use our personal living space without disturbing the peace of others.



Staying in quiet interiors, not disturbed by the noise of the street or the sounds of airplanes, helps to relax and allows to concentrate.



Protection against noise has a positive effect on our physiology, learning ability and social behaviour.

It is impossible to live a healthy life without silence! THESE ARE THE FACTS

  • 60% of people who have health problems due to noise cite psychophysical disorders as the main consequences of this factor: lower ability to concentrate, fatigue, headaches.
  • 50% of the population is regularly exposed to traffic noise at a level harmful to health. Urbanisation brings infrastructure and housing closer together and the resulting noise pollution has a negative impact on our well-being.
  • Lack of adequate protection against noise in the house or flat is the cause of poor assessment of everyday living conditions. Noise in the house can be manifested by a sense of danger and helplessness, apathy and low self-esteem, aggression resulting from frustration, as well as lack of freedom to use the flat.


The use of good glass in the windows allows you to significantly reduce the noise level and improve the comfort of staying inside.


What should I do to make my home peaceful and quiet?

Technology can help to give you a comfortable home with peace and quiet, as well as give you the freedom to live your own way.

  • Windows and doors equipped with acoustic glass enable effective elimination of excessive sounds. Their soundproofing is a result of solutions, such as laminated glass, increasing the distance between the glass panes, and filling their space with noble gas.
  • External roller shutters significantly increase the acoustic insulation of patio windows and doors. Reduction of the noise level in rooms using roller shutters is estimated at approx. 10 dB.

We know the ways to get MORE LIGHT

Why is access to natural light so important?



Natural light has a positive effect on our well-being, stimulating and restoring the will to act.



Sunlight is essential for our body to produce and assimilate vitamin D. It also helps to heal some skin conditions, speeds up metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system.



A well-lit room not only seems larger to us, but also much more cosy and comfortable.


Up to 10% MORE LIGHT with windows equipped with a special Eclaz glass. Eclaz is a solution that guarantees better access to natural light. The neutrality of light transmission and reflection in the Eclaz pane gives an effect comparable to increasing the window area by 8%.

ADVICE! Think about windows at the design stage!

In order to ensure the right amount of light in the interior, the selection of windows is key: their appropriate SIZE and LOCATION in the building in relation to the directions of the world. Window planning at the house design stage allows you to effectively determine their number and location, as well as include large glazings in the design, which are also energy-efficient and warm. Visit a window distributor at the design stage to optimise your home’s lighting.


Thanks to solar radiation, the body begins to produce hormones, including melatonin. It affects our circadian cycle that regulates the sleep and wake cycle. The more melatonin, the better we sleep and feel refreshed. In addition, sunlight causes the production of serotonin, commonly known as the "happiness hormone".

We know what to do to keep you SAFE

Why take care of improving home security?



Have a building protected by an alarm system, but also equipped with windows and doors with a higher burglar-proof class.



Functional solutions are protected against potential accidents, which allows you to avoid troubles and accidents, such as glass breaking or falling out of the window.



The use of home security solutions has a positive effect on the sense of security and allows its residents to fully enjoy comfort and peace.

Let's take a look at the facts! About 80% of burglaries occur through easily accessible windows and doors.

In more than a third of cases, thanks to appropriate security measures, it only ends up with an attempt at a break-in. The most common methods of entry are through an open or tilted window, moving the fittings or breaking the glass.

What can we do? Modern burglar-proof windows can help against the tricks of thieves, but must be equipped with the appropriate technical solutions.

  • FITTINGS - Equipped with elements, such as a double-locking latch, provide greater burglary resistance.
  • SECUFORTE HANDLE - A safe solution, where the window handle and spindle are disconnected, so the handle is automatically blocked and prevents the window from being opened from the outside.
  • GLASS WITH HIGHER SAFETY CLASS - Reinforced glass, permanently combined with layers of burglar-proof foil, make them more resistant to breaking. If the glass does break, its pieces do not shatter, because they are held together by the layers of film.

Remember! The degree of burglar-proof protection determines the level of the RC resistance classes.


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